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External Bypass Dampers provide high-capacity position sensitive damping for demanding off-road applications.  Relatively unchanged for decades, racers and enthusiasts have been tuning their shocks for optimal performance by making baseline adjustments to the main piston stacks and then optimizing for environment and vehicle conditions by manually tuning their external bypass clickers for a particular set of conditions.


First of its kind, ORRSRCH's patent-pending eBYPASS™ drop-in valve architecture allows you to retain your existing external bypass dampers (no need to spend money on a new set of shocks) and replace one long tube rebound and one long tube compression clicker assembly per corner with corresponding eBYPASS™ units and re-awaken your shocks with 21st century control technology.  


Compatible with the DCM8 Controller or DCM16 Motorsport module, these valves provide real-time control capability with ultra-fast 60-80ms force response times and up to 8.9kN (2000lbf) of authority control per circuit.   Typical setups and adjustments are usually in the 5.3-6.6kN (1200-1500lbf), which is determined by main piston tuning and desired range of authority for a given setup.


This means that you can now adjust your bypass circuits to alter the vehicle's character to both long term vehicle / surface modal changes but also real-time events such as:


  • Transient wheel end events (topping and bottoming events)
  • Body mode events (lat / long / vert accel events)
  • Transient vehicle events (cornering, jumping, accels / decels)
  • Frequency based events (terrain / surface detection)
  • Driver Requested Events (Oh-shit button / evasive controls)


Hardware includes:

  • Damper-specific solenoid assembly
  • Damper-specific cartrige assembly
  • Damper-specific poppet / piston / check valve assembly
  • Damper-specific spring
  • FKM O-ring seals


ORRSRCH eBYPASS™ Universal Valves

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