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Knowing the position of the shock shaft and associated wheelend relative to the body of the vehicle is critical to the accurate control of a semi-active damper system.  Every OE semi-active vehicle on the market today utilizes a stand-alone sensor that measures the real-time position of unsprung mass relative to the sprung mass of the vehicle.  For an upgraded aftermarket or long-travel motorsports application, however, it is not always a simple task to find a suitable location for such a sensor, which can require additional design engineering, fabrication, testing, and integration complexity.


Enter the ORRSRCH Integrated Position Sensor.  


Installing the IPS into an existing shock is as simple as replacing the gas reservoir end cap with the IPS unit, setting a few parameters in the software during setup, and powering the unit on during gas fill.


After installation of the upgraded damper into the vehicle, the shock will now report its real-time shaft position to the ORR or OE suspension controller at 2ms (500Hz) data update rates via standard 0-5VDC analog output, compatible with virtually all OE and aftermarket ECU's.


The IPS is initialized with the rod diameter, oil fill volume, resi dimensions, initial fill temp, and initial fill pressure of the damper.  The unit then monitors the temp and pressure of the gas in the nitrogen chamber and uses these values to calculate position of the rod based on the the rod-displaced volume as the damper moves, all while compensating for temperature based oil and gas expansion within the damper.


Locating the sensor inside of the shock protects it from environmental damage, streamlines installation, and provides valuable information on damper performance to outside systems.


NOTE:  Resi end-caps are custom machined for each  application, so please contact us for fitment and delivery timing.

ORRSRCH IPS (Integrated Position Sensor)

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