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Developed with the team at Alltech Motorsports, the Gen1 ORR Pneumatic Controller was created to provide full control and pressure adjustment for the upcoming Control-Shocks by Alltech / Radflo  as well as external bypass dampers running Fox Factory's exclusive nitrogen-backed external bypass valves. Nitrogen valves, because of their highly non-linear spring rate, can provide a beneficial feel or plushness that a normal bypass valves cannot achieve alone, and for this reason, many top teams continue to utilize them at the highest levels of our sport.


The system provides near real-time control of 0-300psi of compressed air or nitrogen pressure to individual front and rear bypass valve compression and rebound circuits.  It provides unrivaled precise adjustments via a high speed voice coil actuator (VCA) controlled pneumatic spool valve assembly, with +/- 0.5psi resolution and sub-second adjustment times.  


Key Features Include:

  • Ruggedized OEM Quality Electronics with field servicable pneumatics specifically targeted for high-end motorsport application
  • Controllable via a CAN-enabled keypad, providing 8 or 16 settings and system status feedback
  • Bluetooth (BLE) Enabled for Future-Proof Over-the-Air Firmware Updates via the ORRSRCH Mobile App
  • Calibratible via the ORRSRCH Mobile App
  • Optional data logger integration (any CAN-based logger such as MoTeC, AiM, Holley, Racepak, etc) of individual target and real-time pressures along with system status info
  • Optional traditional position sensor or ORR Integrated Positon Sensor (IPS)  compatibility for enhanced adaptive tuning algorithms
  • Optional Lowrance integration for automated GPS-based pre-running pressure settings where a team can define desired pressures during a prerun and once noted in the Lowrance unit, during the race the system will automatically adjust to desired pressures as the vehicle approaches a pre-defined waypoint.


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