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The 2019-2020MY Gen2 Ford Raptor is a extremely capable beast, brought to you by the first-ever semi-active damper system on a production off-road vehicle.  We are continuously amazed by what it can handle and how much the bar has been raised with it's debut.


Despite its high level of performance, we realize that the enthusiast community will always crave more.  Whether you are a die-hard KING, ICON, RADFLO, or BILSTEIN fan or you just want the latest FOX FACTORY big-bore technology with external bypasses and finned resi's, we're here to help you get there.


The Patent-Pending Off-Road Research Damper Interface Device (DID) allows you to install the passive damper system of your choice on your 2019-2020 Ford Raptor or Expedition and eliminates the Terrain Management system fault warnings that occur when you disconnect the OE semi-active dampers.  The DID allows you to maintain your drive modes (Normal, Sport, Baja, Mud, Sand, Snow) which are integral to the truck's integrated powertrain and chassis systems.


Available here directly from the source or white-labeled and distributed from your favorite parts supplier like 4WP, Camburg, Icon Vehicle Dynamics, RPG, or Range Offroad,  you can be assured of the same high quality electronics and firmware to keep your Ford vehicle's systems running strong.

ORRSRCH FORD GEN2 DID (Damper Interface Device)

  • Register your Gen2 DID device.

  • Install Guide (ORR_DID2)

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